Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hello 2012

I ran a 15k a couple of weeks ago called Bold in the Cold - great day - slow run. Deb PR'd the half marathon on her way to the Cowtown full marathon (her first) in February.

Then today we decided to run the Texas Half.

Half marathon - got done. You have all heard of a PR or PB - that's a personal record or a personal best. Mine was a PW - personal worst. I wasn't expecting a PR but I wasn't expecting what I got either. I am not really trained right now so that is one reason/excuse. I stopped 3 times to pee - thought of y'all every time and I stopped 3-4 times to stretch. My hip flexors/psoas were acting up. There is some ART - Active Release Therapy in my future.

It was also a tougher course than I expected and really windy.

Takeaway - not every race is going to be a great race / PR. Some days are just goin to be tough - and then we get it done. We are also smart and don't hurt ourselves. We also start re-evaluating our goals/plans for the day. Today became about encouraging others. Today became about picking up people who seemed to be hurting. ( I am beginning to think this may be my calling - I LOVE getting people to the finish line - especially their first.). Today became about others - maybe it should have been that way all along.

Happy weekend everybody.