Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - let's do this...

If you successfully complete all of your New Year's Resolutions each year, you may stop reading and go to the next thing on your to do list, otherwise keep reading.

I have never been a big fan of New Year's Resolutions. Why not? That's easy - over 2/3 of resolutions never go anywhere, nothing materially changes, and after a few short "now I feel better about myself" workouts, healthy meals, or fewer cocktails...things revert to the norm, the old "reversion to the mean" theory.

Why is that? I think it is easy - resolutions are too broad - too unfocused - and typically not well planned. Similar to most people's goal setting process - there is no process. Little to no accountability. And no prize identified at the beginning, to work toward attaining.

How should you do it?

Be careful here - this is where the "watch out what you wish for" warning comes into play. Big, Bold Statement Warning - NO DREAM IS TOO BIG IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH.

There - I said it - say it with me - NO dream is too big if I want it bad enough.

As I cautioned you, be careful - this is how my Ironman quest began. It took almost three year to get there. Would you work three years for your dream? What about thirteen? Or thirty? It might take that long. But the journey begins in a matter of seconds - it's called commitment.

Here's another word you won't like - change. Yep, it's change. I know you don't like change. Get over it. It's a requirement. Don't kid yourself. It won't happen without change. Remember that whole "insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results"? That's also the definition of stupidity, dumb, simple-minded, frustration and failure. It doesn't work and it won't work for you. So suck it up, buttercup. By definition we agree change is required.

So here's how it work.

1 Select the dream.
2 write down the steps to achieve it
3 write down the obstacles
4 figure out what it takes to overcome the obstacles
5 determine if the steps to achieve and the steps to overcome the obstacles are "worth it" - in other words - is the PRIZE worth the PRICE.

Simple, right? Yes it is SIMPLE - just not EASY.

Lets look at each step, here's how my Ironman dream became reality.

1 The dream/goal/resolution: complete a triathlon.

2 Steps - the original triathlon I found in 2007 was a super sprint distance. Swim - 200 yards
Bike - 9 miles
Run 1.25 miles
Seemed doable but I needed a plan - so I found a training plan online. The training was reasonable and the time required to train was okay and the weeks left to train were acceptable. Lets do this.

3 Obstacles -
I don't own a bike.
I play in the water, I don't SWIM.
I haven't run in 25 years, seriously.
I don't know if I can do this. This was the big one.

4 overcoming obstacles.
No bike - Debbie said "buy a bike"
Can't swim? Do some research, maybe take a lesson. I think I can swim 200 yards.
No running for 25 years? Two feet, two socks, two shoes - start slowly and see what you can do each day.
The big one - confidence. Debbie was very supportive from the first mention of this crazy idea. She and our daughter Taylour were the only people who knew I was doing this - I didn't want to let them down. Or myself.

Was the prize worth it?
Oh yeah it was. That crazy little triathlon led to my first Ironman finish in 2009 but it also taught me a lot more. It taught me I could do what I wanted to do, if I wanted it bad enough. It taught me the process. It is a process that works in all parts of life when applied.

Two final thoughts - eliminate negative thought and talk. Nothing negative. Negative people in your life - avoid them. You may find they are holding you back. Look for reasons why you WILL do something - why you CAN do something.

Finally, share your plan with someone. Be sure they are positive and will support you BUT also hold you accountable. They can let you slack. They are there to help you achieve your dream. If you can't think of anyone to help you with this step, let me know. I will help you.

No excuses, dream big, do it. Commit.

See you at the finish line.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Here we go again...

So a week ago I did it again. I signed up for Ironman Arizona. Yes, there it is, I did it again. Knowing the pain, the discipline required, the training, the commitment, the time --- and of course the GLORY. That is probably the best word I have come up with to describe the finish line. GLORY. There just aren't words to properly convey the feeling when you enter that chute, when you lay awake the night before and dream of the line, when you look at the built up finish structure as you walk around pre-race and certainly, when you cross under that structure. GLORY. So it starts again - or really - did it ever end? See you at the finish line. Bryan

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Long Run Tomorrow

Planning to get up and get it done.

Giddy up.

See you at the finish line.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

First run since my boo-boo

Just in from my first post bike crash run. I fell 7 weeks ago, this run was a test. Oh, it felt GREAT to be out on the road again.

The ribs - okay - just a bit of a pull once or twice. The hip - felt weird - no pain - just still a bit swollen and numb. Just weird.

I took no watch. I took no music. Just me, my shoes and water. It was awesome. Ran when I felt like it, walked when I felt the need.

I wanted to go further but checked that and shut it down. We will see what the recovery is like and do it again.

Running - can't believe I am going to say this - but - I missed you.

Training to hopefully run a few halfs this fall. Who else is in?

See you at the finish line.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Made The Call

It is with a heavy heart I write this.... After much thought, prayer, consideration and medical consultation, I have withdrawn from Ironman Canada. It was one of the harder decisions of my life and I did not make it lightly. I wanted to talk about it here in case you are ever faced with a tough call on a race, or something even more important (although I really don't know what could be more important). As you know, I was racing in honor of 4 of my co-workers who are prostate cancer survivors racing for Team Newton and I was very honored to be invited to be part of the team by the Newton folks. One of the difficult factors was that I was racing to honor others, another factor was that I had been invited to be part of the team. Then, came the physical part. My hip is still swollen 35 days after my crash. My hip/leg is still numb. My ribs are not fully healed. I was looking at 3 more training weeks and then race weekend. While my base was in, to be able to get in two big rides with runs at a minimum would have been difficult. BUT still I was in. There is a BIG mental side to this game. BIG. It is about race execution, being smart, staying inside yourself, working your plan, execution. Many of you know that I write the word EXECUTE on one arm in permanent marker and BELIEVE on the other. It settles me when I find myself headed to an unavoidable dark spot. My mental side could not fathom that a relatively low speed bike wreck could ruin my Canadian quest. It wasn't a fast wreck. There wasn't much road rash at all. No infection. Just cracked ribs and a bruised hip with some nerve damage. A bruise. That's it. Nothing broken. Nothing fractured. Just bruised. So, this past week, I had to make a decision. In or Out. No one else's decision. Just mine. I did consult with medical professionals, fellow Ironman finishers, lay people, work associates, family and other friends but in the end I made the call. It was a very emotional day, I knew the decision, I didn't want to admit it. I knew what was right. I knew permanent damage could be the result. I also knew the high that I would not get this year. I knew the personal satisfaction fix would not occur in 2012. I knew I wouldn't hear the words - you know what they are. But I made the call. I am still bummed - I know, I know, I know - I did the right thing. So? Why still bummed. That's how good it is. That's how good it feels. That's what it means. It IS that big. I do want to add the positive side. Newton has assured me I will be included if they do a team next year. Those people are awesome. Also, I am looking at maybe doing TWO next year. Canada and Arizona - how about a double fix? I wonder what that will be like. I will be at IMAZ this year to volunteer and sign up - how about joining me? Come on - what's stopping you? See you at the finish line, Bryan

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sorry for the long delay but here's the latest... A quick Bryan update. My crash was four weeks ago. I have 5 weeks to Canada. I haven't swam in a month (ribs - still). I haven't run more than 25 yards in a month (hip and ribs). And I have ridden twice - once for 60 mins and once for 90. I am going to try a short run tomorrow. I am worried but the plan is go to the land of the Canuck and see what happens. The doc says the nerve damage in the hip could take a year to heal. It is still swollen and painful to the touch but the bruising is gone. If anyone wants to see one KILLER bruise let me know and I will send you an almost pornographic shot but the bruise was too incredible to not document. My brother saw the bruise live at its peak and asked when I was selling my bike. HA - NEVER. I am pot committed (for you poker players) and ALL IN. I just got back from 10 days on the beach. I am also 6 pounds heavier than 4 weeks ago. I have a bunch of stuff to do. Let's go!!! See you at the finish line, B

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cowtown Challenge 2012

Race Report....Race Report....Race Report....Race Report The Cowtown Challenge 2012. So at the Cowtown marathon if you run a race on Saturday and a race on Sunday you get a Challenge Medal too so since I am all about the bling I decided to run both days....two runs, three medals...what a deal!!! Cowtown was Deb's first marathon so she was geeked up and ready to head to the expo the minute it opened...I calmed her a bit and we waited until about noon on Friday but she was ready to go get some swag. We had a fun afternoon as I had taken the day off work so we just hung out and had fun. To bed early Friday night as I had a run on Saturday. I got up early Saturday while Deb stayed in bed and drove to downtown Ft Worth. I had chosen to just run the 5k on Saturday with the Half on Sunday....MISTAKE...more on that later. There were a BUNCH of people there already as the 10k started earlier than the 5k...it was chilly but not too uncomfortable. The 5k was uneventful except for the woman homeowner standing on the course that was in a flourescent vest and a had road construction flag screaming into a bullhorn to "STAY OFF MY GRASS" "STAY OUT OF MY YARD" - did I mention she did not look as if she had ever run a step and was not interested in us enjoying our run either. I did step on her grass just because that is how I am...a nice request would totally have been respected but she was downright rude.... And then - THE FINISH - I cruise down the chute - music throbbing - speakers wailing - names being called and a few 10k stragglers finishing and getting their medals....did I mention THEIR medals....yep...dang it....there were only medals for the 10k so I screwed up my three for two deal....I would only get two medals for two races...I was looking for the bonus... Fast forward to Sunday - Up early and on our way to Ft Worth - Deb is nervous I can tell but we just review her execution plan...we wrote sone notes on her hand so she would know what to do if necessary. When we were almost there I asked her if she wanted me to run with her until the course split...she looked very relieved and asked if I would do that....well of course I would....I was not even thinking PR and even if I had been this day was about her....so we find some friends also running and hang out waiting for the start...BANG and we are off...I kept Deb on her pacing and run/walk plan through the first 10 miles. Shortly thereafter I peel off as the course splits and dial up the pace to have some fun during the last three miles...I was pretty fresh as I had been running her marathon pace so I was encouraging people I passed to "come on...run with the old man". I got a few walkers running again and several people at least smiled and picked up their attitude and pace...we only had 3 miles left...."you got this"...and I then I saw HER. Struggling up a hill....really struggling....BARELY moving....pushing....hard...looking like it might not happen. I passed....then stopped turned around and started clapping for her and yelling encouragement...she looked up....she smiled....she pushed up her glasses and she said "I'm coming"...I said "I am waiting for you"....several others stopped to clap and encourage her as well. She lowered her hands back to the wheels and began to urge her chair up the hill. I kept backing up the hill and she kept coming...she looked at me at one point and said "I am going to kick your ass going downhill" and I knew she would...she made it to the top....I turned and started running down the hill - about halfway down she went by me like a freight train - her 2 cyclist escorts were even working to keep up...and she laughed as she passed me....I yelled for her again....we now had a bit over 2 miles to the finish....on the next flat....after her quarter mile lead I finally caught her....she said "it took you long enough"...and I ran beside her for a while...then there was another hill...I ran ahead and organized a small handfull of spectators to chant Courtney Courtney Courtney as she came up that hill....I took off and her she came screaming down the hill again...it was pretty much flat from there to the finish but I have to tell you that I realized what is flat to you and me is NOT FLAT....I could tell how much she worked to get that chair up the road....amazing....a few people asked how long I had known her...I said about 20 minutes....one person said....how do you get to the tops of these hills ahead of me every time....I said..."it's only to get Courtney there too"....this was such a great day... Deb for 10 miles and then running with a challenged athlete for three miles....so cool....and then we were in the chute and done...medals all around....I congratulated Courtney on her finish...walked over to the Miller Lite truck and had a couple of beers...ate a banana and headed to the car to get the mountain bike out. I changed shirts, put on some wind pants and headed backwards on the course to find Deb....a few friends had come out to support Sherpa Deb as she had supported them and so I knew exactly where she was...I got out to the area between mile nineteen and twenty and ran into a group of our friends there for Debbie. A short time later she came around the corner looking great....still run/walking according to plan....our friends headed to the finish and I rode with Deb on her journey....we talked about the time apart from each other and that got her through a couple more miles. She was playing leapfrog with a couple of other people but she also passed a few as they were slowing and she was consistent with her execution. About mile 22.5 there was a run club group with a table of small cups of beer...Deb had one and they gave me a full can...LOVE the people of Texas - I poured it into an empty water bottle and thought I would be able to make it to the finish....About mile 24 Drew showed up to run in with Deb - he's a friend of ours and was a great source of encouragement and distraction through those last steps on her journey....we exited the park...she had a left turn and two right turns and then she was a MARATHONER.....she finished...it was slow...no one cared....she did it....26.2 rockin miles...way to go Deb!!! Off to lunch with friends...several margaritas.....then a nap and off to bed early that night....WHAT A GREAT DAY.....see you at the finish line.