Sunday, August 19, 2012

First run since my boo-boo

Just in from my first post bike crash run. I fell 7 weeks ago, this run was a test. Oh, it felt GREAT to be out on the road again.

The ribs - okay - just a bit of a pull once or twice. The hip - felt weird - no pain - just still a bit swollen and numb. Just weird.

I took no watch. I took no music. Just me, my shoes and water. It was awesome. Ran when I felt like it, walked when I felt the need.

I wanted to go further but checked that and shut it down. We will see what the recovery is like and do it again.

Running - can't believe I am going to say this - but - I missed you.

Training to hopefully run a few halfs this fall. Who else is in?

See you at the finish line.