Saturday, April 24, 2010

Breakfast with an Angel

Had an opportunity yesterday to have breakfast with John Foley. Yes, he is an Angel, a former Blue Angel that is....what a great story. Another fun fact about John is that he flew in the movie Top Gun. Really great guy.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Race Report from The America's Run

I ran the America's Run Half Marathon today - it started at Cowboy Stadium and went by the Ballpark at Arlington, Six Flags and then through some neighborhoods around Arlington, TX. My brother and I ran it together. Stride for stride - just cruising the 13.1. It was a great day - cloudy and in the 60s - just a touch of humidity. A note to the race organizers (I am sure they are reading this....LOL) - you need a few more aid stations - the ones you had were great but in the event today had been one of those 80+ degree days, you need more stations....I am sure this will be taken care of by next year. A great first effort. Finishing on the HUGE screen in the stadium was very cool.

Troy Aikman walked right by me prior to the start and we said "hey" to each other. I doubt he recognized was his first half marathon. Debbie took a picture of him after he finished.

It was a strange day - they imploded Texas Stadium at 7am - right before we started. We watched the stadium destruction on the big screen at the new stadium. It seemed like cheating on your girlfriend or something....

We drove by the old stadium site on our way to the was surreal looking at that site, where that legendary stadium stood for over 30 years. Many memories there...we celebrated state championships in that stadium with my nephew. We watched many Thanksgiving day Cowboy games as well as many Cowboy games. Tom Landry coached there. It is like a great friend who transcended my childhood, college years, early adulthood and maturity is gone. That is really weird -- talking that way about a stadium....

Hope you are all doing certainly sounds like it. Keep to the plan....

See you at the finish line.

America's Run

Today was the inaugural Americas Run. Based at the new Cowboys Stadium, it was a very cool run. 13.1 flat miles and you finished at the 50 yard line with video of your finish playing on what has the be the most famous tv in the world. I had never seen myself that BIG.

Oddly, the old Texas Stadium was imploded this morning. We got to watch it come down on the big screen at Cowboy Stadium. Kinda seemed like you were cheating - being at the new stadium when the implosion occured. I am sure we will see it many times but I thought the old stadium collapsed on herself with class and dignity.

It rally was strange driving by the intersection of 114, 183 and Loop 12 on the was to the airport this afternoon.

What a day....see you at the finish line.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Where you been?

This is the longest I have gone without blogging since I started this thing. Can't believe it has been months. I had a great ride this weekend on my new Guru road bike. It is suh-weet. I can't wait to ride again. I cannot believe how great that bike feels.

I had an awesome Retul fit last weekend from Wes at TriSition Area in San Antonio. This was a meticulous fit - fit for a king....thanks Wes, for a great fit and a fun time. Your new frame is pretty killer....can't wait to see the build up.

Worked on the schedule for the year today - wow, it could be a really busy one if all of this comes together.

Next up, America's Run - half marathon in Dallas - you finish on the floor of Cowboy Stadium - shown on the big screen....can't wait to see myself that big.

See you at the finish line.