Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Taper Begins....

I got my workout plan from Coach Annie last night and was shocked. The email said "welcome to your taper". I really thought I had another tough week before the slave driver let up on me. She's not really a slave driver but she is tough. (I put that last sentence in just in case she reads this...maybe she won't take it out on me.)

So, long brick today - hour bike and 50 minute run...race simulation. The weather was pretty tough - over 80 degrees, 75% humidity and winds 18-20. I hope it is a kinder, gentler climate in 14 days.

Long swim last night. Swam 2000 non-stop for the first time ever. I felt really good at the end and could have gone longer. I am amazed. In June of 2007, my first swim "workout" was 37.5 yards. The shoulders were a little tired last night but I felt great this morning.

See you at the finish line.

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mav said... the weather changes. I feel bad for you running in those hot temps today. Here in Mass it was 70 and sunny with a light brezze. What do they say about pay back????????LOL

Great job on that brick!!!! YOU ROCK. 10 days and counting.You are going to be great!!!!!