Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No this a new

And now for a little feel sorry for myself.... In addition to a absolutely horrid stock market - I am having a relapse of the infection that I suffered from 2.5 weeks ago. No bike per doctors orders until I go see him again on Monday. I had micro surgery yesterday and am recovering well. I am free to run and swim starting tomorrow. This really sucks. As strange as this might sound, I was really looking forward to this long week. I really like how a long workout makes me feel. So I am a little wigged out...imagine that....I feel I am fine fitness wise but my nugget (brain) is trying to undermine what confidence I have.

I do feel pretty good and honestly, I had no choice - there was no way I could get on a bike seat yesterday. I am also on some nuclear anti-biotics. The thought is I might have picked up some bacteria in an open water swim that is attacking me. The good news is that one of the anti-biotics supposedly makes you VIOLENTLY ill if mixed with I am likely to lose a few ounces over the next two weeks of medication. Also, with these meds, I am guessing that I won't get sick or suffer from another infection.

Pray for me......sTRIve.....17 days, 10 hours and counting

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