Monday, September 6, 2010

The Austin Triathlon 2010

Quick race report.

We started as a late age group- old men. Water felt great and swim was uneventful. I thought I was going really slowly but I did have an ok time for me. Right in line with most Oly swims. I came out of the water and on the run to T1 it started to rain.

I mean RAIN.

It poured through the first 17 miles of the bike so I was very very careful. Several bodies on the streets really make you think. My goal is to stay upright this year. I found myself with a death grip on the aerobars a couple of times and had to remind myself to relax or I would tense myself into going down. There is a long gradual hill you do 3 times and I let it go to 30 but that was IT. Usually that is a 35-36 mph flight for a short while. I dialed the bike way back to stay rubber side down but it didn't cost me that much.

The run was pretty good the sun came out and it got hot and humid. Got er done and then ate a bit. Took a while to cool down - had a great shower and Deb and I headed home.

After about a 90 minute drive I put up the bike, rinsed the wetsuit and took a 15 minute nap. if you ever find yourself in Austin on Labor Day you should do this race.

See you at the finish line.