Saturday, November 24, 2012

Here we go again...

So a week ago I did it again. I signed up for Ironman Arizona. Yes, there it is, I did it again. Knowing the pain, the discipline required, the training, the commitment, the time --- and of course the GLORY. That is probably the best word I have come up with to describe the finish line. GLORY. There just aren't words to properly convey the feeling when you enter that chute, when you lay awake the night before and dream of the line, when you look at the built up finish structure as you walk around pre-race and certainly, when you cross under that structure. GLORY. So it starts again - or really - did it ever end? See you at the finish line. Bryan

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smokoSAC said...

Good luck Bryan! IMAZ 2012 was my first Ironman and during training listened to the audio version of "You are an Ironman" over and over. You and the other athletes in the book were very inspirational to me!

And to answer your question, it never stops. I can't wait to do my next Ironman and have the next 3 years mapped out :-)