Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Big Weekend

What a weekend!

Friday night began with a mile swim...nice and easy in the outdoor pool at the club. IT was very hot last week and swim felt great. Nice and easy and worked right through it.

Saturday morning continued with the Real Ale Ride in Blanco. Blanco is in the HILL COUNTRY of Texas. It really is the HILL COUNTRY. The climbs in a 30 mile ride totalled over 1500 feet and there was one downhill where I clocked at 47.3 mph. The only time my bike has gone that fast is in the rack behind my truck. It was a tough, tough ride. Hot and windy. Why is it that most uphill are always into the wind?

Sunday morning was a new beginning. My daughter, wife and I all completed the Heart of Texas Sprint Triathlon in San Antonio. It was a great day and my daughter finished second in her age group. Everyone is well after the race.

The Heart of Texas Series is a set of 7 races throughout the summer that add distance to one of the three events every two weeks throughout the summer to the championship race. They are all held on the Fort Sam Houston Army Base in San Antonio so the course, while open, is very protected and there are numerous volunteers from the service. There were also at least two Intrepid Heroes as competitors. If you don't know, an Intrepid Hero is one who was injured in service and is re-habbing at Brook Army Medical Center here in San Antonio. Each swam, biked, and ran with a prosthetic leg. I will never be half as tough as those men. I have said before and I will say again, thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

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