Sunday, June 29, 2008

Less than 100 days

Haven't posted much lately. Work has been nuts and I've been trying to train as much as possible. I looked at the counter today and it says I am less than 100 days from I am glad it is not sooner. I still have quite a bit of work to do. The last three days I have really had some good work though so I think I will be okay. I have been having some issues with motivation. I am sure we all go through it but it seems that Friday really seemed different. I did a 30 minute swim followed by a 30 minute run and it really felt good. I had a 2 hour ride on Saturday and followed it up with a one mile tranisition run to shock the legs. Really really felt good after the work. Today was a one hour run. It was a good run and I have felt great today as well. Fortunately I have not felt much tension in the left achilles this weekend. It has bothered me off and on for a couple of weeks and I have really laid off the running as much as I dared.

I am focused for the week. Several good workouts planned. Have a good week.

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Simeon of Kent said...

I keep looking at my countdown to Oct 5th too, it comes down quickly, eh?