Sunday, January 11, 2009

Less than a week...

Next Sunday is my first marathon ever. I know it will be a long day. I did 6 miles today and was thinking the whole way about going long. It was a nice change of thought pattern for me. You see, I work for a major financial instition, in the brokerage arm and things have been really tough for a while. It's been that way for anyone in the financial services industry.

It has been great to have fitness and training as a distraction from the realities of stress of the real world. So for anyone out there with a lot of stress in their life......start training for some event and it will change your outlook.

Train for some event - I find I have to have something on the calendar or it is very easy to bag a workout quite regularly. If I have a finish line approaching, it seems much easier to stay disciplined. If you need encouragement, just let me know, I will ping you from time to time to keep you moving....remember, it is all about that first step out the door.

See you at the finish line...

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Tom Grant said...

Have fun, Houston is a good place for your first. Running uses a great mixture of short and long term goal setting.