Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jacques' first visit to San Antonio

I had the pleasure today to host Jacques on his visit to San Antonio. He is a NY Times reporter who is writing a book on first timers attempting to climb the Ironman hill in Arizona in November. Debbie and I met him last year in Tempe and he came out today to spend a day with us. We rode a spin class this morning...he said it was quite different from the NY spin experience. He was blown away by the utter coolness of our Lifetime Fitness club, and then we rolled around the countryside in the car while we talked about my triathlon journey. There are some who would say I got to talk about my favorite subject, me. We covered a lot of miles looking at country roads I run and ride as I train. It seemed to surprise him that Texas was not flat....everyone thinks it is I guess. I also drove him by the Alamo - everyone needs to see the Alamo during their life. Then at his request, Debbie and I took him to a favorite Mexican food dive....his friend from Houston had told him that he had to eat a puffy taco.....he got to eat two....

So Jacques, if you are reading this, thanks for coming to visit - it was a great day and you are welcome anytime.

See you at the finish line.

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