Sunday, August 9, 2009

Long run....and an iphone

Had a nice 8 mile run this morning. Laid in bed longer than I should have and paid for it in the heat. At least it wasn't a billion degrees when I was only about 80 million degrees. Man this has been a hot summer in San Antonio. We have set a record for continuous days over 100 with no end in sight. Hopefully we can get some rain soon. I have dust in my front yard that I used to call grass - the lawn guy still bills me for mowing it.....what is he mowing???? We can only water every other week for about a minute and then that's it. It will be amazing if my grass comes back....hopefully about thirty more days of this heat.

Got an iPhone yesterday - finally broke down - I was a late adopter on the ipod - it changed my life....a late adopter on Tivo - it changed my life....and I am thinking the iPhone may be the next gadget that is too cool for school. This little thing is amazing. That test post from yesterday came from my iPhone after about 2 hours of ownership. It is that user friendly. Pretty doggone cool. Let me know your favorite ap.

See you at the finish line.

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