Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some Nasty @%&*#!

I don't know exactly what it looks like in there but there is some nasty @&^$!) growing in my arm....but the battle is on. Yesterday I was a short way into my ride, my left arm was bothering me a bit but it was bearable and then I realized it was swelling. I turned around, got home and looked at the underside of my arm. I had a pretty nice divot that mirrored the pad on my aerobar. Now I am no medical professional, but I play a doctor on TV (that is a totally inside family joke that some day I may explain) so I knew that was NOT normal. Deb looked at it and we both agreed that we needed to seek medical attention.

Well, it seems the "minor" infection I had from the recent road rash took steroids or something....the doc says it is either a staph or strep infection he thinks. He said he did not think it was MRSA but we should know after about 48 hours on the antibiotics. So I started a course of 10 days worth of pills yesterday. It doesn't hurt as much today but it is still full of fluid. I just hope by the end of today it feels better.

So it seems I will be running a lot this week. At this time, I cannot put my arm in an aerobar - no way, no how - and I don't want to get in a public pool with this stuff so, it will be a running week. Oh well, I need that the most anyway.

See you at the finish line.

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