Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sorry for the long delay but here's the latest... A quick Bryan update. My crash was four weeks ago. I have 5 weeks to Canada. I haven't swam in a month (ribs - still). I haven't run more than 25 yards in a month (hip and ribs). And I have ridden twice - once for 60 mins and once for 90. I am going to try a short run tomorrow. I am worried but the plan is go to the land of the Canuck and see what happens. The doc says the nerve damage in the hip could take a year to heal. It is still swollen and painful to the touch but the bruising is gone. If anyone wants to see one KILLER bruise let me know and I will send you an almost pornographic shot but the bruise was too incredible to not document. My brother saw the bruise live at its peak and asked when I was selling my bike. HA - NEVER. I am pot committed (for you poker players) and ALL IN. I just got back from 10 days on the beach. I am also 6 pounds heavier than 4 weeks ago. I have a bunch of stuff to do. Let's go!!! See you at the finish line, B

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