Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2008 Fiesta Wildflower Ride

This ride was held on April 20, 2008 in San Antonio, Texas. An 8am start was planned - temp was in the low 60s and the ride ended at about 80-85 degrees but loads of humidity. Original training plan called for a 2 hour ride today followed by a short run brick. Well, the ride went from 34 miles up to a 43 mile actual distance, so for me, it was about 2:50 on the ride and then 12 minutes on the run. It was a rolling course which included IH 35 access road riding as well as country road riding. The slideshow includes horses, cows, even buffalo. Our terrain is very diverse in a compact area as you can see.

The ride was well supported with Hammer nutrition as well as fruit, water, fig newtons and chips ahoy. The pre-race bag also included additional Hammer stuff.

There was a 25 miler, a 43 mile ride, a 100 km ride and a 100 mile ride. Maybe I will be up for the 100K next year. We will see.

I gotta look at getting a new seat....numb ain't fun.

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FreddyBeachPete said...

Loved seeing the pics Bryan. Suffice to say, a little different than the scenery here in Freddy Beach!