Thursday, April 3, 2008

A test for tri we need a 12 step program


>You put your swim goggles on, just to turn on the lawn sprinkler.

>You assign wave-starting times for your kids to run through the sprinkler.

>You lay out your pajamas on a towel, transition-style, on the floor next to your bed.

>You eat over the table in the aero-position.

>Even during fine dining, you drink out of a bike bottle.

>Your church shoes are Look and SPD compatible.

>Your idea of candy is Powerbars and Powergels.

>You record nightly splits for getting ready for bed such as bathing, brushing your teeth, and putting on pajamas.

>You bring clip-on aerobars to the grocery for the cart.

>You do a 10K in a Speedo.

>You buy a car to match your bike.

>Your most important accessory on that new car is the bike rack.

>You wear a heart rate monitor to mow the lawn.

>You consider standing in the Communion line at Church as drafting.

>You require your employees to complete a triathlon for their yearly raise.

>You show up at a formal social function in a Quintana Roo Longjohn.

>All of your fine jewelry is made up of triangular shapes.

>You believe that golfers should have to swim, bike, and/or run after their golf balls.

>You believe that a weekly primetime TV drama should have a triathlon basis.

>You thought that Viagra was for keeping up with the race leaders.

>You believe that Disney World should have a Triathlon Kingdom.

>You believe that all motels should be required to have at least a 25-meter lap pool.

>You show up with your goggles and bicycle, at run races.

>You tell everyone that your athletic background is triathlon.

These first appeared to my knowledge on the Univ. of Saskatoon website. You may have more....let me know.

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