Thursday, February 5, 2009

A new season...

So, it's been a while since I posted anything, it's also been a while since I have done anything too. But I am ready....ready to kick up the activity and the season.

So it looks like the plan for the year goes like this....
1. Running several miles, from time to time, with my brother in his first marathon.
2. Lifetime indoor triathlon
3. CapTexTri - hopefully it is not as hot as last year
4. TriItInSpanish
5. Jack's Generic Tri
6. The Austin Triathlon
7. A Half Iron in here about this time
8. IMAZ....wooohoooo

I am sure I will stick another sprint or two in here and hopefully some organized rides.....I really like someone else to carry my water.

Looks like it will be a full season.

Two races already planned for 2010: Disney half marathon with Sherpa will be her first half marathon. Also, the Texas Independence Relay...a 200 mile team relay in March. Should be a fun next 14 months or so....welcome aboard for the ride.

It will be mid-70s here all weekend with lows in the 60s, so it is outside runs and

See you at the finish line.


Brian said...

Which Lifetime indoor triathlon are you doing? Mine is on March 8. I just hope my hamstring is going to allow me to run on the hamster-mill by then!

left.right.repeat said...

I will be doing San Antonio. I feel like a hamster on the treadmill too....