Friday, May 29, 2009

This is week one

This is week one of Ironman Arizona training. I can't believe the plan has begun. I started my training plan with the CapTexTri Olympic on Monday. A long 50 mile ride tomorrow for Tour de Cure with another ride on Sunday of probably 25 since I have some family's my daughter's birthday.

By the way....SHE GOT A JOB....SHE GOT A JOB....SHE GOT A JOB....she is gainfully employed full time as of 3 weeks from now. I am very proud of her and looking forward to watching this next step in her life.

So, it is up early tomorrow for the Tour de Cure and then up early again on Sunday for the second part of the ride.

More to follow....and as always, see you at the finish line.

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