Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ironman Arizona Recovery

We just got home and I wanted to say I am really sorry I didn't post much from AZ. Typing on my iphone is still a challenge for me.

There is so much to share. I am going to get a RR together but I can assure you it will be long....very long.....just like the race.

I felt good yesterday and feel really good today. Very little pain or stiffness today after initially getting out of bed. I am fully in support of compression wear as I think it helped recovery a lot. I think it is kinda geeky to race in but afterward I am a big fan. I wore 2XU compression pants to sleep in on Sunday and last night about 2:30 my calves told me I should have worn compression again so I got up and put on 2XU compression socks. Calves were happy and I went back to sleep. After walking around a bit this morning I have felt very good. I am surprised. It is amazing what the body can withstand and then rejuvenate.

Folks, that was the most incredibly accomplishment of my life. As I talked to a friend as she was getting ready to register I told her I was jealous of her. She has her finish line to look forward to....mine was now a memory. But a precious memory it is. And there is another finish line to look forward to - it just won't be my first Ironman.

RR coming soon. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Time for me to be a little less selfish for a few days.

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