Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another week

I continue my early training for the CapTexTri in May. It will be my first Olympic distance. I am only concerned about the swim and then, only what my heart rate will be when I get out of the water.

I am also going to go wetsuit shopping soon as I know I will be needing one this year. So far I have gone without one but I think I need one now. Any comments about brands or buying method would be appreciated.

Swim workout today which was really good but I feel like a bottle of Clorox right now. I think the chemicals were a little overdone today.


Simeon of Kent said...

Hi, just got your site address off triscoop, will catch up soon, letting you know you've got another reader. I've got my first Oly in July. I bought a wetsuit of eBay and lucked out with one that fit well, but I'd recommend going to a store..

J Dye said...

Great job! I am am just venturing into the world of triathlon myself with my first sprint distance race in early June. I liked all of the blog and will continue to check it out over time. Keep up the great work!

P.S. you will do fine in the swim. Its just a matter of finding the breathing rythmn.