Friday, February 8, 2008

Athletic Supporters

Many of you may not have had the opportunity to explore this wacky triathlon world in which we live and play. My foot issues...chronicled ad nauseum below...have taught me many new things and reinforced others. First, you never quite realize the importance of an event until it may be taken away. Second, you can't believe the amount of support out there in this community.

I sent three emails to people I respected in the triathlon community. Coaches who I have come to respect. It amazed me that within 24 hours all three had replied thoughtfully and with care. Some with additional questions. You just don't find that "out there" today. I am impressed.

One coach also sent the email to another coach/podcaster who not only emailed me but then arranged a personal phone call to answer my questions and encourage me. To say the least I was blown away.

The take away - if you get into this game...get all the way in....jump in with both feet and the rest of your body. This community will support you. Thanks to all of you.

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