Thursday, February 7, 2008

Not fractured

A crazy couple of weeks - I had a fourteen mile training run on Saturday and I was really worried. It goes back to the River Road Run and a sore left foot after the run. After no running for a week, last weekend a 4 mile run caused pain. I decided to keep trying for the week - no running, just cycling and swimming and then go ahead and try the run on Saturday...14 miles...a PR in distance...never been that far. So I took off and I am sure you all know, I questioned every step - does my foot hurt? Well, after adjusting my shoe every mile or two, at about 8 miles I had to admit that my foot hurt. I untied and re-tied the shoe much looser and it was cool again, my foot really didn't hurt...2 miles later, loosen the shoe lace again and once more 2 more miles in...the foot continued to swell, it hurt that afternoon although walking loosened it up. Sunday morning it hurt again. I decided I had to get it checked. So on Tuesday, very worried, I saw a sports medicine foot/ankle specialist. Turns out the problem was an irritated tendon on top of my foot along the first on. Maybe a little discomfort but with some steroids (I hope there is not random drug testing), I can run the Austin half marathon next weekend. I cannot begin to describe what this means. I haven't been this giddy about something in a while. I thought I had trained right, followed a plan diligently, and was going to have it yanked from my grasp. With one learned individual's opinion, I am set free to run again. I have never never NEVER run a half marathon and a year ago didn't realize it was even possible, much less would be looked at eagerly, as fun. I can't wait.

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