Sunday, February 10, 2008

Last long run...

Today was my last long run before the Austin Half Marathon next Sunday. It was a 5 mile run and I ran in some hills here in San Antonio. A little discomfort from the tendon on top of the first metatarsal. A little ice and it feels much better. I re-laced the shoes as recommended by Dr. Allen and all seemed better. I think some time off the long run after the half will make a lot of difference for the tendon.

I feel ready for the run and am looking forward to finishing my first half.

I should get my training plan from my coach tomorrow. This is the first coach I have had since high school. This should be interesting. I am pretty jazzed about having someone to evaluate my training and discuss. I am looking forward to having even more confidence as race day approaches. I have always felt ready but that has been more along the lines of having simulated the distance. As the distances lengthen, that is more difficult to do.

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